Poster of Windstone Genres: action, RPG, sandbox, first person
Year of release: 2018
Developers: Threshold Seven

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5
RAM: 8 Gb
Videocard: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 / ATI Radeon R7 270

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v23 (Last)

Windstone is a very unusual sandbox, and with a mix of role-playing elements and action. Here you have to survive in the vast expanse of a huge green fantasy world, where everything is arranged in a very different way than on our planet. Yes, you will not even have to play as a human, but as an unusual primeval creature..

Well the first thing I would like to say about the main feature of this game - large open world. The whole surrounding world lives by its own rules. There are animals just like you, insects, plants and even dragons. By the way, dragons are of particular interest, because you can tame them by first raising and rearing. You can also tame other animals, but not all. Most of them, however, are extremely hostile and when you meet many of them will try to kill you. 

As for the survival mechanics, Windstone is also unique in its own way. For example, unlike most survival games, here you have to think not only about hunger and health, but also about body temperature, disease, condition. For example, you may accidentally eat something you cannot eat, causing your health to start deteriorating until you get rid of the effect.


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Like all sandboxes, here too there is crafting. You will have to mine wood, stone, various resources and items, and from all of it create something new. In the beginning you will have access to very basic items like the rock hammer and the sun lounger, but after a while you will acquire new resources and get access to new crafting recipes. 

Other than that it's a typical sandbox game where you have to survive, fight the enemies, develop, take loot, create different items, build a house and do many other things. In any case, in any case, you will not be bored..
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Game Version: v23 (Last)
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