Poster of Wooden Battles Genres: Action, simulation, strategy
Year of release: 2017
Developers: SP Digital Arts Inc.

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Quad Core (2.6 Ghz)
RAM: 4 Gb
Videocard: 1 GB
Disk Space: 300 MB

Type: Pirate
Crack: Not required
Game Version: v01.01.2019 - Full Last Version

Wooden Battles is a strategy and war simulator where you will be able to recall your childhood and at the same time fight with all your heart, creating a powerful army of toy soldiers and smashing all the enemies who want to attack you..

The essence of the game is quite simple and easy to explain. It consists of defeating the enemy, battling with enemy armies, training soldiers and gradually taking over the global map. Nothing principally new, but at the same time you will not be bored in Wooden Battles, because, firstly, the battles take place in real time and are not controlled by the player, and secondly, the AI, controlling enemies, acts smartly, as a living person, so that to defeat him is even harder. 

You will control one single faction of soldiers, and on the global map there may be several other factions with their own fortresses and defensive bases. To defeat the enemy, you have to create and train units, defining their class affiliation. In total, there are two classes of units: one defensive, the other - attacking. The attacking units will constantly go forward and fight with everyone who comes to hand, and the defensive ones can be placed on the map, so they are waiting for the enemy to attack. In general, the standard and pretty simple idea.


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With all of the above, there is another feature, and it is primarily in the pumping. The point is that by conquering other people's fortresses and expanding the territory of their possessions, you will gain access to new skills, weapons and resources. Over time, you will be able to create units, capture other people's fortresses in a matter of minutes, and even use various medieval technologies in battles.
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Game Version: v01.01.2019 - Full Last Version
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