Poster of World of Goo Genres: logic, indie
Year of release: 2008
Developers: 2D BOY

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1 Ghz
RAM: 512 MB
Videocard: Any video card released within the last 5 years
Disk Space: 200 MB

Type: License
Crack: Not required (DRM-Free - GoG)
Game Version: v1.53(A) (10 Years Later Update) - Full Last Version

World of Goo is an addictive arcade game based around building unusual structures with the help of black living marbles. There are dozens of interesting levels, a lot of humor and excellent music ..

The essence of the game is to blaze a trail to a destination. You are given a starting construction and a number of living black balls, which merrily run around the construction and wait for you to use them. At the other end of the location may be an exit to which you just need to spend a minimum of balls. 

World of Goo is seemingly simple. Build a structure and pave the way for the marbles to the exit of the level. But it's actually much more complicated. Firstly, the structures are built from a jelly-like material that tends to bend, sag and tear. Secondly, there may be additional obstacles on the level. For example, in the middle of a level there might be a huge hole with spikes, or something else like that. 

Over time you will have additional building materials. For example, balloons that can be used to hold the structure from sagging. But here a new problem can appear - the ball can lift the construction so high that it will hit the spikes on the ceiling, and then the mission will be failed again. And that's how each level is set up.


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In the beginning, levels are easy and require no more than five structures. But in ten levels you will have to solve such puzzles, that will make your head spin. But do not despair, especially as the atmosphere in this game is such that even to lose here, and it is fun. Pass levels, solve puzzles, build bridges over pits and gorges, avoid spikes and do whatever you can, but keep the merry inhabitants of this world from getting killed.
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Game Version: v1.53(A) (10 Years Later Update) - Full Last Version
Download Size: 189.98 MB

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